Wonderful “PRALINES” – Fantastic Chocolate Pleasure!!!

It’s time to makes tiny cookies!

The right chocolate pleasure lies in these wonderful pralines, in which will equally enjoys all chocolate lovers!

Ingredients for 20 pralines:

200 gr chocolate (I used a 46% cocoa)

2 tbsp oil

50 ml sweet cream

30 oz Chocolate corn flakes



Melt the chocolate with oil (steamed) then brush up the molds for pralines 3 times, so that between each coating allow the chocolate to be squeezed into the mold.

Whip the cream and fill the prepared molds.

In each praline press one or more Chocolate corn flakes and fill the molds with chocolate.

Let the chocolate squeezed in the fridge for about 20 minutes, then carefully remove the chocolate from the mold.


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