Why The Dark Chocolate Is Very Good For Your Health??

If you are a fan of dark chocolate now you can enjoy it without guilt because the scientists discover that is good for your health.


The studies before discover that the daily consumption of dark chocolate reduce the blood pressure and it’s very good for the heart. But now we can know the reasons for that.

We established that in the stomach are two types of microbes:  some good and some bad. The good microbes, just like the lactic acid bacteria, are feed with chocolate and it’s produced products that acting anti-inflammatory. This way you are protecting your heart and arteries from damages ”. Said the scientists from Louisiana.

But beside the good microbes there are bad microbes like Clostridium and Escherichia coli which are causing bloating or diarrhea, but with the consumption of dark chocolate their effect can be reduced.

Team of American scientists tested three types of cocoa powder which is using for production of chocolate and discover that the cocoa from the chocolate is easily absorbed in our organism so the possibility of inflammation of cardiovascular tissues and stroke is reduced.

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