Why Almonds Are Perfect For Your Diet?

A few almonds daily could be a perfect, healthy and the right snack which will protect us from diseases. This high protein snack will suppress your appetite and also will protect your heart. Almonds are rich with fats and vitamin E which is protecting us from the bad influence from the UV rays and Alzheimer’s disease, this is claimed by 6 studies made of a group of nutritionist in San Diego.

almonds-healthFor those who suffer from diabetes, daily entries of almonds are regulating the glucose in the blood.

They are also rich with minerals which helps our bones to be stronger, magnesium is very important for the for muscles and nerves and regulate the blood pressure.

One of the aforementioned studies which was led by Karol O’Nil for the University of Louisiana where 24.808 adults were examined it’s proved that with regularly consuming almonds we are regularly we are improving our mental condition.

It’s interesting that with moderate consumption of Almonds, people who were examined didn’t obese. The diet with almonds after 6 weeks reduced the fat around the stomach.

Preliminary results show us that almonds are reducing the amount of fat in our body which reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, so automatically reduces the chance of heart disease.

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