Which Food We Can Call an Organic Food!??

What exactly represent the organic food?

It means a specific production of food without pesticides and many others unhealthy and chemical compounds. No doubt that these are the healthiest products which doesn’t contain artificial compounds. As a result of this they must be consumed until they are fresh.


The top place of the pyramid of organic food belongs to fruits and vegetables. The food from animal origin (animals raised in healthy conditions) also take their own place between the organic food. In the developed countries there are specialized markets with organic products. Which is not the same in the smaller countries because often this people could not afford this tape of food because is much more expensive.

For one product to take a place between the organic food must hold to this rules:

It’s not allowed to use pesticides, herbicides or similar substances.

All the plants should’t have any touch with chemical and others unhealthy compounds.

Everything must be according to the rules of nature- genetic Engineering is not allowed.

 When we talk about food with animal origin this are the rules:

The food should not contain artificial hormones which improves the growing or any others medicins.


Can you improve your health by consuming organic food?

The products which contains pesticides are harmful for are body because they can cause a lot of diseases, like cancer. This is not the case in organic food.

A lot of experts think that you can improve your health regularly consuming organic food so you can clean your body from all the toxins.

The organic products are rich with healthy ingredients such as proteins, C vitamin and a lot of minerals.

According to a scientific research is made a comparison: organic food contains 27% much more C vitamin 21% iron, 29% magnesium and 13% phosphorus.


So if this statistics changed your opinion this is the right time to dispose the unhealthy food and start to eat a real healthy organic food. Immediately you will see the results, you will be much healthy and full with energy.


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