What You Should Know About Wine & Food Combinations!?

You might not know that every tip of wine doesn’t go with all kinds of food. So we decided to show you how should you serve your wine with different food. These are the 8 rules of combining wine and food. First of all you should know that different kinds of wine supposed to cooled on different temperature. Red and heavy wines are served cooled on a temperature of 18 Celsius degrees, red wines with fruity flavor and fresh fragrance is served on a temperature from 120 Celsius degrees. The white wines are always served cooler on a temperature from 10 Celsius degrees, except the champagne and fruit white wine are served on a temperature below 6 Celsius degrees. wine-and-food

When the wine is served with food these are the 8 rules:

  1. As an aperitif, you can serve dry or sweet champagne or sweet white wine.
  2. With the starter and cold dairy products always is serve white or black wine with this characteristics: dry, off-dry, lightly sweet wine.
  3. The smoked ham and delicatessen products are served in combination with rose light and dry wine.
  4. Fried fish and seafood go well with dry white wine, grilled fish is served with heavy white or red wines, dry champagne or white aromatic wines.
  5. Grilled meat is serve with dry red young wine.
  6. Pasta with diary products is served with rose or red young wine, the spiced pasta with sauces is served with rich black wines.
  7. Desserts are served with sweet and sparkling wines. When there is a fruit dessert you are serving with aromatic champagne and the chocolate desserts should be served with dry black wine with fruity flavor.
  8. Ice cream is going well with champagne even you can serve vanilla ice cream with a few spoons of aromatic sparkling wine on top of it.

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