The Cake Which Is Not A Friend To Your Health But Is The One That Bring Joy And Happiness!!!

This is the famous cake of the famous Johann Lafer and by the opinion of the world most famous tasters this is one of the best cakes. This is my favorite cake for special occasions.


For the biscuit

60 gr butter

30 gr powdered sugar

60 ml liquid cream

3 egg yolks

3 egg whites

35 g sugar

1 vanilla stick

60 g flour

40 g flaked almonds

For the chocolate glaze:

450 g chocolate (for cooking with minimum 40 % cocoa)

400 ml neutral cream

60 g sugar

140 g butter

For the raspberries jelly:

800 g raspberries (fresh or frozen)

200 g sugar

20 gr gelatin

For the marzipan crust:

300 g marzipan

 For decoration:

14 raspberries

2-3 tsp chopped pistachios or flaked almonds

50 g chocolate glaze (separate from the one that is made)

1 tsp powdered sugar for the marzipan



For the biscuit:

First you should bake the flaked almond until they are golden brown.

In a bigger bowl whisk the egg whites with sugar. In another bowl mix the butter and the sugar and then add one by one the egg yolks, cream, the seeds from the vanilla stick and mix them all well. After that this mixture add it to the whisked egg whites. When the mixtures are combined .Through sieve add the flour to the mixture and then the flaked almonds mix it well together. Bake in a round pan with diameter of 26 cm for 20 minutes on 1800 C. Add baking paper into the pan before adding the mixture.

For the chocolate glaze:

Into a fireproof bowl which is over a pan with hot water add the chocolate and the other ingredients and add the heated cream (not boiled) and mix until the sugar is melted. From this take 50 g which you’ll use for the decoration.

For the raspberries jelly:

Cook the raspberries and the sugar 10 minutes and then pour it through sieve so you can remove the seeds. If there is no seeds after that add just 1 tsp for visual effect. Prepare the gelatin by the instructions of the package and add it into the cooked raspberries and let it cool on a room temperature.

 For the marzipan crust:

Roll the marzipan in shape of a circle with diameter of 26 cm. You can make this on a baking paper with powdered sugar on it and cover the marzipan with foil so it won’t dry out until you use it.

 When you bake the biscuit let it cool down. To The sides of the round mold in which is the baked crust put plastic foil so the cream doesn’t run out and all should be smooth because you should see the layers of the cake. Over the biscuit add 1/3 of the chocolate glaze and add it in the fridge for 10 minutes. Then on top of the glaze add the raspberries jelly and cool it for 3-4 hours or you can put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. On top of the jelly add 1/3 of the chocolate glaze wait a couple of minutes and then add the marzipan. Press very gently. And after that add the last layer of the glaze and put the cake in the fridge. Before decorating the cake must be cold.


The cake should be served cold.

Source and more pictures of this cake HERE.

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