The Best Sushi In The World!!

Sushi from bread

Preparation time: 15 min

For 4 persons



10 pieces toast bread

100 g butter

1 red pepper

100 g ham

4 pickles

Sesame, flaxseed



The red pepper, pickles and ham cut into sticks. Remove the crust from the bread, then with a roll thin the bread and brush with butter. On one side of the bread place the sticks of red pepper, pickles and ham. Using a foil make rolls from the bread. Brush the rolls with the rest of the butter and roll them in the mixture of sesame and flaxseed. Left them in the fridge to strength. After that cut them to small pieces.

Tip:  For this recipe use a quality bread which is not crumbling. 

Suggested drink: apple juice!



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