Taste This Amazing Gingerbread Souffle!!!

Needed Ingredients:

100g butter

270g golden sugar

420g dark chocolate

4tsp ground cinnamon

2tsp ground ginger

4tsp rum

218tsp vanilla

10 eggs separated



1. Before you start to make the soufflés, turn the oven to 160 Celsius degrees. Start melting half of the butter and coat 16 small ramekins.

2. Take 30 g of sugar and put it all over the ramekins before coated with butter.

3. Melt together the chocolate, vanilla, all the spices (ginger, cinnamon), and rest of the butter in a big heatproof bowl. This bowl put on top of another bowl with boiling water. Mix all well together. Then put the bowl aside and add the egg yolks one by one.


4. In a big bowl mix the whites into a foam and put it into the mixture of chocolate.


5. All of the mixture separate in all of the ramekins and then put it into the oven. Bake 12 minutes on 160 Celsius degrees.


6.In the center of each soufflé put already prepared vanilla cream.

Tip: This soufflé is preparing before serving so you can get a beautiful soufflé which is not sink. 



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