“Swiss Easy – Sweet” Cubes Recipe!!!

Instead complicated desserts, you can serve this easy and quick recipe, who is ideal for holidays that follow.

INGREDIENTS for this Swiss Cubes:

2 eggs

150g sugar

80g cooking chocolate

80g butter

130g grounded biscuits

40g grounded walnuts


a few whole walnuts

50g of dark chocolate

1 tbs oil



Whisk eggs and sugar and cook stirring constantly until it boils. Remove from heat, add butter and chocolate, stirring until the butter and chocolate have melted. In this mass put the biscuits and nuts, all unite.

Put in a greased mold. Allow to cool completely, then cut into cubes. Choose the size of cubes. Melt the chocolate, add oil, pour the cubes and decorate with nuts from above. Enjoy with this SWISS sweet cubes!!!

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