Simple But Delicious Chicken Quiche!!!

For 3 persons


200 g wheat flour

100 g margarine

1 egg

1 tsp sour cream



3 eggs

400 g chicken fingers

100g grated hard cheese

200 ml sour cream

Salt and pepper

Ground pepper


½  onion



Preparation time: 60 min

1. In the flour add salt, margarine, egg, sour cream and all that mix well. Shape in a ball and add it in refrigerator for 30 min.

2. In a meanwhile cut the chicken into cubes and then fry it a few minutes in a little bit of oil and onion.

3. In a bowl mix the egg, sour cream, parsley, grated cheese, salt, pepper and ground pepper.

4. Roll out the dough and put it in a mold. On the bottom of the dough make tiny holes with fork. Bake the dough 10 min on 180 Celsius degrees.

5. Add the chicken in the mixture with sour cream, egg, cheese…and add it in the mold. On the top add a little bit of cheese.

6. Put the quiche in a heated oven and bake it 35 min on 200 Celsius degrees.

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