Say STOP to Fatness and all Diseases with PALEO Diet!!!

When you mention the Paleo – diet it means the most healthy diet in the world that is based on eating healthy food , modern food that can be compared with the food that  ate our ancestors so -called hunters who gathered mostly food of plant and animal origin in food during the paleolithic age or stone Age.


Paleolithic diet primarily includes fresh meat ( beef , pork , lamb , poultry and game ) fish , seafood fresh fruits vegetables , seeds , nuts and healthy oils ( olive , coconut , avocado and flax seed ) . Dairy cereal grains , and legumes fruits while refined sugars and processed food where not a part of the diet of our ancestors .


With decades of research by many scientists has been shown that our ancestors in that period where not suffering from : obesity, cardiovascular disease ( heart disease , stroke , high blood pressure , atherosclerosis ) tip to diabetes , cancer , autoimmune diseases ( multiple sclerosis , rheumatoid arthritis, etc. ) osteoporosis , acne , varicose veins , hemorrhoids, depression, gout , etc. … !

In this table we present -daily Paleo diet which gives you the caloric values ​​, the amount of carbohydrates , fats , proteins and fibers containing your meal , lunch and snacks.




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