Quick Cheesecake In A Cup!!!

You can prepare this dessert very quickly and is ideal for romantic dinner.


8 packages biscuits

300 g cream cheese

grind lemon peel

juice from one lemon

3 tbsp powdered sugar

200 g frozen fruit + 50 g for decoration


Image source: News Fun Style.com


Put all the biscuits in a plastic bag and brake them, then divide them into dessert cups.

Mix the cream cheese,lemon peel and add 2 tbsp powdered sugar and mix them well together. This mixture add it to the biscuits in the cups.

Defrost the frozen fruit (remove the defrosted water), add it in the blender and mix together with the lemon juice and the leftover sugar. Pour it on top of the cream cheese in the cup and decorate with fruit and serve it cold.

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