Quick and Easy: Two Color CHOCOLATE CAKE Without Baking!!!

Enjoy in every bite of this creamy chocolate pleasure. Chocolate taste who is waiting you…


1 liter milk

10 tablespoons sugar

3 bags vanilla pudding

300g milk chocolate

100g white chocolate

500 ml sweet cream




Mix the puddings and sugar in 200 ml milk. The remaining milk put in a pot, drop it on medium heat and wait to boil. Add the mixture of puddings with sugar and stir until you get the pudding mixture.

Divide the amount in two equal parts, in first one add the milk chocolate, and in the other add white chocolate. Stir until chocolate is melted. Then allow the mixture to cool.

Mix the sweet cream, of the resulting mixture add by one quarter in the two mixtures with chocolate.

In a round mold (or pan), place foil on the bottom and sides, then add the white mixture and a part of the dark mixture. Mix easy as would have formed a black and white stripe.

Then add the rest of sweet cream, and the rest of the dark mixture and trim. Do this slowly.

Soak biscuits into the milk and streak them on the surface of the mixture. Then place the foil over the cake and place it in the fridge for 2 hours to completely tighten.

Remove, remove foil and place on a round tray cake (it is good to be a little larger than the pie) and invert. Remove the mold and that’s it. The cake can be decorated by your taste and creativity.Enjoy!

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