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Afternoon Recipes Blog


Fantastic Crispy Cauliflower for Dinner!!!

Ingredients: 1 fresh cauliflower 2 eggs Salt Flour Oil Preparation: The cauliflower tear into smaller pieces and put them in salted water to boil until it’s soft enough. After being softened cauliflower get it...


Beautiful Crispy Chicken in Beer!!

Crispy chicken in beer Ingredients: 250 grams of chicken breast 1 egg 200 ml of beer Salt 100g flour Oil for cooking Preparation: Chicken breast wash them well, cut into small cubes, salt them...


The Best Sushi In The World!!

Sushi from bread Preparation time: 15 min For 4 persons Ingredients: 10 pieces toast bread 100 g butter 1 red pepper 100 g ham 4 pickles Sesame, flaxseed   Preparation: The red pepper, pickles...


What Celebrities Eat For Dinner!?

Marinated salmon Ingredients: 800 g salmon 2tsp powdered ginger 2tsp spice 2tsp soy sauce 2tsp oil 3 cloves of garlic ½  lemon juice 1tsp sugar 1 sliced chilly 2tsp olive oil Preparation: Wash up...