NO BAKING: Quick Biscuits Cake With Cappuccino Flavor!!!

Cakes are inevitable at the table of cake lovers. So, rather to make something complicated, you can quickly make a delicious cake, with which you will fascinate your family or guests!!



500g (1lb 2oz) biscuits

50g (1,75oz) cappuccino powder

2,5dl (1.05 cups) milk

3 eggs

6 tablespoons sugar

5dl (2.11 cups) sweet cream


Mix well eggs with sugar, pour sweet cream and mix again until you make solid mixture.

Pour cappuccino powder with hot milk. Each biscuit soak it in milk and arranged it one by one in a platter. Brush with the filling and re-arranged it biscuits. Repeat until you spend all biscuits.

The last layer must be just filling on surface and you can decorate with chocolate or something by your taste. Enjoy!!

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