NO BAKING: Genius Cake With 3 Kinds of Chocolate!!!

For all chocolate lovers we have a recipe that when you read it you will run in the kitchen and try out immediately. Baking it’s not needed, so it is ideal for all celebrations that followed in hot days.


600 ml (2.53 cups) light cream

150 g (5.5 oz) dark chocolate

200 g (7 oz) white chocolate

200 g (7 oz) milk chocolate

1 cup crushed biscuits

3 tablespoons butter



Melt the dark chocolate and add 200 ml (0.84 cups) light cream. Leave it in the fridge about 1 hour to solidify the mixture.

In another pan melt the white chocolate with 200 ml (0.84 cups) light cream and put in the fridge.

Repeat the procedure with milk chocolate.

In the meantime, while waiting to solidify chocolate, in pan prepare the ground for the cake. Mix butter and biscuits and nice fill the entire surface of the pan. Once you finish the preparation of the surface, arrange each filling separately.

Optionally you can add whipped cream and chocolate crumbs or some fruit.

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