NO BAKING: A Fantasy Milka Cake Is Ready Only For 30 Minutes!!!

If you are not mood for cooking, but you want to surprise your partner or family with something sweet, Milka cake is a great choice for you because you can prepare it only for 30 minutes.


1 liter milk

10 tbsp sugar

3 vanilla puddings

300 grams of milk chocolate – Milka

100g white chocolate – Milka

500 ml cream




Mix the pudding and sugar with a few tablespoons of milk, then add the mixture into warm milk. Cook the pudding, and then separate the mixture of 2 parts.

In one part melt the dark chocolate, and on the other part melt the white chocolate.

Mix the sweet cream and ¼ place in white and ¼ in dark cream.

Take a baking tray or baking pan, Crumble the biscuits or place it like they are and pour the white cream. Leave a bit of decoration. On top place the dark cream.

The rest of white cream who you leave for decoration, put on the top (above on dark) in the form of small dots that can hover the toothpick.

Leave the cake to cool in the fridge or freezer, then serve it.

You can decorate with grated Milka chocolate or anything else by your taste. Enjoy!!


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