The Great Experience of Mushrooms With Gorgonzola!!!

If you like mushrooms and you like blue cheese, drop what you’re doing and read on…

I really love mushrooms, and have liked them for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why I love them so much. Is it the earthiness? The smell when you cook them? Who knows.

These days I prefer my mushrooms fresh, and have branched beyond the white button mushroom (although they still have their place in my world). France and Spain have some lovely wild mushrooms. From there my favourite mushroom is the Cep, or Porcini as it’s probably better known. The fresh ones are lovely and sort of delicate in taste, and to me dried porcini are a store cupboard essential. Rehydrated porcini (and the resulting liquid) add such personality to a stock or pasta sauce, and make an easy (and rather tasty) risotto.


I suggested you drop everything and read on. Portobello mushrooms with gorgonzola. Huge round flat mushrooms with a robust, creamy blue cheesy filling. Sound good?

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