Melt In your Mouth—Puff Pastry Baskets!!!

This lovely basket will bring joy and happiness in your home preparing you for the spring days that are coming.


1 package of puff pastry

Molds with diameter of 4 and 8 cm

For the filling:

7 dl (2.9 cups) milk

70g (2.7 oz) starch

3 eggs

150g (5.5 oz) sugar

Vanilla seeds from one stick

1,5 dl (0.6 cup) cream



Roll out the dough and be careful that isn’t gonna be too thin.

For each basket you’ll need three circles which are cutted with the bigger part of the mold.

The bottom circle should be full, but the other two should have a hole made with the smallest part of the mold.

Knead the rest of the dough so you can make a few more baskets. From one package of the puff pastry with this size molds you can make 10 baskets.

Brush the circles with water.

On the top of the full circle add the other two with a hole.

Pre-heat the oven on 220 Celsius degrees (425 F) and bake for about 10 minutes. After that let them cool down before you add the filling.

To make the filling beat the eggs together with the starch, sugar and vanilla and cook them in the milk. Cover the cream with a foil and let it cool. Beat the cream and then add the cream with the milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla and mix well. Each one of the basket fill it with cream and decorate with fruit by your taste.

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