Lose 2 Kilograms in 3 Days With Military Diet!!!


MILITARY DIET, as the name tells you, means a strict diet and strict adherence to all that is provided. Otherwise, if you doesn’t follow the rules –NO RESULTS!!

Of spices, you may use only salt and pepper. Groceries can not be replaced by others. You can drink water as much as you want.


Before you start with diet, make a consult with doctor.

Every day eat at the same time, no matter if you not be really hungry at the moment. After diet, 4 days at least you should be on a normal diet. After that you can repeat it. The diet may be followed with home workout or going in GYM.

Day 1

Breakfast: A Half grapefruit, a slice of toast bread with two teaspoons of peanut butter, a cup of coffee or tea.

Lunch: 100 grams of tuna, a piece of toast bread, a cup of coffee or tea.

Dinner: 80 grams chicken, 150 grams peas, a half banana, a small apple, and 110 grams of vanilla ice-cream.

Day 2

Breakfast: egg, a half banana, a piece of toast bread.

Lunch: 110 grams of fresh cheese, hard-boiled egg and 5 salty crackers.

Dinner: 2 frankfurters (without bread ), 150 grams of broccoli, 65 grams of grated carrots, a half banana and 55 grams of vanilla ice-cream.


Day 3

Breakfast: a cup of coffee or tea, with one or two teaspoons of sweetener, 5 salty crackers, 26 grams of cheese and a small apple.

Lunch: Hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast – bread.

Dinner: 200 grams of tuna, a half banana, 110 grams of vanilla ice-cream.

Start now and good luck with losing weight!


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