Interesting Ideas For Family Picnic!!!

 It’ s perfect time for picnic so here some ideas:

1. Different kind of sandwich

Try the sandwich with boiled eggs and salami. This kind of sandwich contains alots of proteins which will give you energy during the entire picnic. The best thing about this sandwich is that can stay for hours out of the fridge.



Can you imagine a picnic without chips? Now you can surprise your family with homemade chips. Sliced the potatoes to thin circles and add some rosemary and salt and fry it in oil just like the fries. You won’t regret it.


3.Pasta with beans

This pasta recipe is much more delicious when it is cooler so it’s perfect for picnic. This recipe is prepared that way so you cook the pasta and the beans together after they are done you add parmesan, rosemary, black  pepper , a few tsp lemon juice, and sliced onion. It’s delicious and indispensable.


4.Potato salad

Chop   the potatoes to coarse triangles and put it in oven. After they are baked add spices and salt, then add the cream. As long as the cream stands with the potatoes the more better   flavor you get. This is the perfect starter for picnic.


  5. Sweet pie

When you go on a picnic you can’t forget the sweet. Make delicious sweet pie with strawberries, cherries, apples or some other fruit. Cut it in triangles and pack it. Pack this way you won’t need  utensils.




have a nice picnic

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