Incredible Facts About Wine!!!


The largest consumers

Even if Italy is the largest world’s winemaker, Italians are even on the 3th place by consuming. On the 1st place are French with 8.13 liters wine per person per year, and Americans by 6.66 liters wine per person per year.

Wine benefits for woman

Some studies show that the women’s who regularly and in normal amounts consume quality wine easily maintain a healthy body weight.

Wine complexity

The wine contains so many organic chemical compounds, that composition of wine is considered for more complex than blood serum.

Wine appointment

Most of European wines are named by geographical origin, like Bordeaux region in France. But the other wines all around the world are named by grapes kind like Pinot Noir and Merlot.


First produces of wine

The earliest evidence of wine production comes from the Eastern Countries. Some resent archaeological research in Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan found grape seeds who are dating 8000 BC. The oldest seeds of cultivated vines are founded in Georgia.

Wine nutritional value

In a glass of wine has 80-100 calories depending of the composition. For example-Dry wine like Sauvignon Blank has 2g. carbohydrates, while dessert wine may have up to 12 grams.

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