Ice Cream That Leaves You Breathless-Mochi Ice Cream!!!

The temperatures are beginning to climb, who wouldn’t won’t in this warm days to cool off with a delicious ice cream. This ice cream is the perfect solution for this warm days, simple, delicious and very interesting for the children .Enjoy the moment while eating it.

 Difficulty: Easy

Time: 30min

Number of servings: 8


50g (1.8oz.) lumpy glutinous rice flour
75g (2.7oz.) sugar *you will need at least this much sugar to keep the Mochi soft in the freezer. some people add 1 tsp. of cooking oil to keep it even softer.
100ml water
ice cream of your choice
potato starch or corn starch



1. Place lumpy glutinous rice flour in a microwavable bowl. Add water little by little and mix very well with a whisk. Then add sugar and mix well. *DO NOT add sugar before you mix the lumpy glutinous rice flour
and water together. Otherwise, they won’t mix well (the lumpy texture won’t go away).
2. Cover with plastic wrap, then microwave at 600 watts for 2 minutes. Mix well with a damp spatula. Cover with plastic wrap again, then microwave at 600 watts for 1 minute. Mix well with a damp spatula.
3. Dust some starch on the counter. Place the mochi. Then sprinkle some starch and flatten out the mochi using your hands and a rolling pin to 3mm (0.1 inch) thick.
4. When the mochi is completely cool, cut into 8 square pieces. OR you can use a round cookie cutter or a cup to cut into 8 round pieces.
5. Line a small bowl with plastic wrap, place the mochi, place some ice cream, pinch the mochi to seal, then wrap with plastic wrap to shape.
6. Keep in the freezer. When you eat, put it out from the fridge for a few minutes until the mochi gets soft.

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