Hungry?? You Must Try This Roast Chicken!

Roast chicken in bacon


1 Chick

¼ kg dry bacon

¼ kg sour cream

1 tea cup of milk


Juice of 1 lemon



First the chicken should be thoroughly washed and salt. Take ¼ kg dry bacon, cut into thin slices and whole chicken fold it with bacon and tie it with cooking string. This chick prepared put it in the pan that will put it in the oven at 250 Celsius degrees occasionally adding water to the chicken has more juice. When the chicken will be roasted, remove from the oil, add the oil ¼ kg sour cream, a little salt, lemon juice and leave the juice to boil. Once you boil the juice Slit the chicken into serving plate and cut it so pour the juice and the can serve.


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