Good Morning-Potted Fruity Muesli Yogurt


6 tbsp Swiss style muesli

2 fesh pineapple ringes,drained and roughly chopped

2 x 15og (5 oz )cartons apricot yogurt

4 tbsp milk



  • Spoon the muesli into four small bowls or large ramekins.Sprinkle over the chopped pineapple. Mix the yogurt with the milk, then spoon over the fruit.Cover the bowls with cling film and chill in the fridge overnight.
  • The next morning,stir the muesli yogurt well and serve.



You need to remember to put this together the night before, but it takes only a few minutes to prepar. I like to use pineapple but you can use peaches, apricots or berries.The granola makes a good alternative to the muesli.

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