Fascinating “CRUNCHY CAKE” With Wafers!!!

Who can resist of something sweet and crisp? Even if you can prepare yourself and surprise the guys at home, then satisfaction and pleasure has no end.


8 egg whites

8 tablespoons sugar

12 tablespoons crushed nuts

2 tablespoons flour

5g of baking powder

1 l milk

80g of vanilla pudding

370g butter

200g sugar

500g hazelnut wafers

200g chocolate

80g whipped cream



Mix egg whites and add 8 tablespoons sugar, baking powder, crushed nuts and flour. Then bake the mixture.

For the filling, boil the milk and make vanilla pudding with 200g sugar. When it’s cool, add the butter and all nicely amalgamated it.

Separate the mixture in two parts. In one part put broken wafers, and add the rest of the melted chocolate.

Fill it by following order: crust, Wafers fill, chocolate fill.

Mix the whipped cream and fill the top of the cake, and optional you may pour with melted chocolate or cover with chocolate crumbs. Enjoy!!!

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