Fantastic Chocolate Cube Ready In Just Half An Hour!!!

 Every chocolate dessert is welcome and these chocolate cubes probably will be your favorite after the first taste.


For the biscuit

4 eggs

100 g (3,5 oz)sugar

3 tbsp (1,5 oz)flour

1/2 small package baking powder

200 g (7,0 oz)butter

150 g (5,3 oz)chocolate


100 ml milk

For the cream:

1/2 l heavy whipped cream

500 g (17,6 oz)chocolate

50 g (1,760z)butter



Mix the eggs with the sugar and then add the flour which previously you’ll mix it with the baking powder.

Melt the chocolate with butter and add it in the mixture of eggs and flour, but be careful so they are not too hot.

Bake the biscuit 30 minutes on 180 o C.

In meanwhile heat the whipped cream and take it off the heat when it starts to boil. Add the chocolate and butter and mix until they are completely melted.

When the biscuit is done pour the milk all over the biscuit and don’t remove it from the pan in which is baked. After that add the cream on top of it.

Let the cake cool down in a fridge and then you can cut it in cubes.

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