Enjoy With This Amazing Hawaiian Pizza With Olives!!!

Ok, I’m sure pretty much everyone knows that Italy, specifically the southern part, is the home of the pizza. It’s just one of those associations that people make. Like Britain and fish & chips. Or India and curries. But honestly, pizza in Italy is just such a quantum leap better than pizza anywhere else (in my humble opinion). It’s like it’s been put into a flavouriser machine. Sauce that tastes of tomatoes and herbs, but more so. Thin crispy crust. Creamy mozzarella (not chewy). And a restrained amount of toppings so that you can appreciate each individual component. I love the ones cooked in wood ovens, that in minutes come out slightly charred in places, with bubbles in the crust. The man keeps threatening to build a wood fired oven in our allotment – how cool would that be?


A basic recipe for pizza dough and sauce is below. I like some whole wheat flour in my crust, and have very successfully made it wheat free by using a combination of spelt and gluten free flours. I think you could easily make it gluten free by playing around with flour combinations. You lose the elasticity you get with wheat flour, but can still get a nice crispy crust.

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