Easy and Light Lunch-Couscous With Chicken and Peas!!!

For 2 persons


2 fillets of chicken

1 small red onion

1 clove garlic

1 tsp tomato concentrate

1 handful of peas

Salt, pepper, parsley

125 g couscous

250 ml water

Little bit of salt

1 tsp butter



Preparation time: 40 min

The red onion cut it to cubes then fry it on little bit of oil and butter for few minutes and add salt, pepper until it change the color. Add 1 tsp strained tomatoes, handful of peas, sliced garlic and mix it to release some flavor, then add some water so you can cover the peas. Cook on low heat for 15 min until the peas is ready. If it’s necessary add more water. At the end add the parsley.

Add water to boil with a little bit of salt and turn off the heat. Put the couscous in the water with a little bit of butter, cover the pan and let it for 10 min. Mix several times so the couscous to soak the water.

Serve all together. This chicken goes very well with mash potatoes and lettuce by your taste.


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