Discover Why Women Around The World Went Crazy About This Recipe-“Cappuccino Cake”!!!

Beside that looks very delicious this non baked cake is made unbelievably quick and it’s ideal solution for these warm days when you don’t feel like baking cakes and cooking fillings and sorbets.Prepare and serve it today after lunch or afternoon coffee.


500-550g(19,4 oz) biscuits

50g (1,76 oz)cappuccino powder

2,5 dl milk

3 eggs

6 tbsp sugar

5 dl whipped cream

1 tbsp cocoa powder



Whips the eggs together with the sugar and add whipped cream and cocoa powder. Mix until you’ve got very dense filling.

Pour over the cappuccino  hot milk and then dip every biscuit in the cappuccino . Arrange the biscuits in a pan so you can make a crust out of them.

After that add the filling, on top of it put another layer of biscuits. Repeat this until you waste the filling and biscuits.

At the and put a thin layer of filling or you can pour on top melted chocolate.

Cut a piece of this cake and serve it with summer fruit or ice coffee, enjoy !


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