Discover The Magic Of Chicken In Curry Sauce!!!


500 g chicken steak

1 tsp flour

2 tsp curry

2 tsp soy sauce

400 ml milk

1 onion

170 g mushrooms

Pepper, salt




Add salt to the chicken steak and fry it on both sides until gets a golden color. Chop the onion and fry it together with the mushrooms.

For the sauce: in a small pot add a little bit oil and 1 tsp flour. Fry the flour until gets a brown color and then remove from the heat. Add the curry and the soy sauce mix well and then add the milk. Return the pot on the heat and mix with wire until it’s thicken. Add the previous fried mushrooms, sprinkle salt and pepper. Serve with cooked basmati  rise.

For those one who like more exotic taste you can replace the milk with orange juice.  ENJOY!!!

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