Delicious Stale-Bread Pasty!

Stale-bread pasty

Ingredients :

1) 250 g.  stale bread

2) 200 g. Ham

3) 100 g. Cheese

4) 5 pickles

5) 3 eggs

6) breadcrumbs

7) oil




For the beginning we are going to tear apart the bread to small peaces and then we put the bread into a bowl, the ham and the cheese are grated to bigger pieces and we put them also into the bowl with bread. Than we add one egg into the bowl, than add some oil and mix the ingredients with your hand while they turn into a homogeneous mixture. After a good hand mixing we put the pan on a high fire and add some oil until it’s ready for cooking. In a meanwhile we break the two eggs and blend them. Then put a little bit oil on your hands and start to create pasty. Put the pasty into the blended eggs then into the bread crumbs. When the oil is reaching the exact temperature for fried we put the pasty in the pan and fried them 5 min until they’ve got beautiful brown color. With this meal you can serve sour cream. Nice tasting!

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