Chestnut And Chocolate Cubes – The Quickest And Easiest Recipe!!!

Chestnut – a favorite autumn food in my kitchen as favorite as a chestnut puree, chestnut pie or cubes with mandatory cream. Fantasy…


250g (9 oz) butter

250g (9 oz) of powdered sugar

500g (1 lb 2 oz) chestnut puree

150g (5.5 oz) chocolate



  1. Beat well butter with powdered sugar and add a tablespoon by tablespoon chestnut puree. Mix well until its foamy.
  2. Mixture divide into two parts, and in first add and mix 100g (3.5 oz) of melted chocolate. Roll out and place them on each other.
  3. By your taste, the mixture can be divided into four parts and so agree. Form a roll or leave it like that, melt the rest of the chocolate, pour the cake, so when you squeeze, cut into cubes. Enjoy!

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