Caramel cake- ready in 20 minutes !!!

 This is a quick version of the irresistible “Caramel kiss” cake which is made in just a minute.There is no baking and making complicated creams, just melt and freeze the ingredients.


For the crust:

200 g crushed biscuits

100 g butter

4-5 tbsp milk

For the cream:

100 g caramels

300 ml whipped cream

100 g butter

vanilla extract

For the glaze:

100 g milk flour

50 g chocolate for cooking

2 tbsp sugar

250 ml whipped cream

30 g butter



Melt the butter for the crust and pour it over the biscuits. Add the milk, mix all together and put the mixture in a round pan to create the crust.

Add the caramels into the whipped cream and mix until they are melted completely. Remove the pan from the heat and then add the butter and vanilla extract.

After the cream is cooled enough pour it on top of the crust.

In the meantime heat the whipped cream for the glaze and add the butter and chocolate to it. Mix until they are melted, after that cool it for a while.

Pour the mixture over the caramel cream and put the cake in the freezer.

Cut it into thin slices and decorate by your wish.

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