Be Careful Of Your Fingers When You Eat This Irresistible Rum Tiles!!!

The rum tiles are definitely one of the easiest cake recipe you can make in just a few minutes and you doesn’t need an expensive ingredients. Take 30 minutes to make these rum tiles with a rich rum flavor and chocolate .This perfect combination of flavors will won you with the first bite. Find out the real recipe of rum tiles in the description below!


300 g potatoes

300 g ground biscuits

200 g dark chocolate

140 g butter

200 g powdered  sugar

1 tsp cocoa

2 tsp rum (you can add more if you like)

1 tsp oil



Step 1:  Cook the potatoes, drain them and make it like a mash potatoes. Add 100 g dark chocolate and 100 g of butter. Mix until they melt from the heat of the potatoes .Then add the ground biscuits, powdered sugar, the cocoa and 2 tsp rum.

Step 2: Make a thin cake which you’ll cut it into pieces with 2 cm thickness or you can make them in molds. Leave the cake in the fridge until you make the topping.

Step 3: On low heat melt the left chocolate and 40 g of butter, add 1 tsp oil and mix well. Take out the rum tiles and soak them in the chocolate. Put them on a tray and put them in the fridge for another 1 hour.

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