An Incredible Tale of Two Tarts!!!

Hello world, it’s been a while.

What can I say? Life has been busy to the power of 10. I have been cooking – a LOT – but having the time to set up & take photos and even begin to think about writing has been a non-existent luxury. So I’ve had to attempt to let go of the guilt that hangs over me when I can’t do everything I want/feel I need to do, and just put the blog aside for a while.

I spent days racking my brain to decide on the best topic for this post. Something sweet? Savoury? Yeasty? Barbecued? Summery? Cheesy? Creamy? Salty? Citrusy? Chocolatey? I had endless options, really. However, I finally decided on something simple and… well, tarty. Or tartful. Or whatever word is roughly defined as: on the topic of tarts.


You see, I have made quite a number of tarts in the last few months. Big ones for sharing; individual ones for savouring all to oneself. Sweet or savoury. Chocolatey ones. Lemony ones. Baked fillings; unbaked fillings. With or without lovely fresh berries. I’ve grown quite fond of tarts, I must say. They’re not difficult to make, especially now that we have invested in some rather sexy, proper non-stick tart pans.

The formula I use for many of my tarts is embarassingly simple: a baked, buttery shortbread crust with some sort of unbaked creamy filling, and more often than not topped with fresh fruit or berries. But actually, strike out embarassiingly.

Below I’ve shared recipes for my shortbread crust and 3 different fillings, along with suggestions for toppings. How you put it all together and what you choose to top it with is really up to you. But do share your results…

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