5 “GOLDEN” Rules About Breakfast With Which You Can Lose Weight!!!

With these 5 simple rules, you can speed up metabolism and accelerate the process of weight loss. So if you thought today to skip breakfast, think again!

Get at least 8 grams of “fibers”

Fibers” will hold you full and you will not reach for snacks until lunch. For that it’s important to eat grains, pumpkin, pears, bananas, oranges

Get your breakfast when you wake up

Use the potential of the body to burn fat and eat as soon as you wake up, or at the latest 1 hour after you wake up. This will speed up your metabolism and avoid the attacks of hunger.


Eat proteins and less sugar

Cute food looks tempting but that is a wrong choice. Instead choose foods with more calories which does not give you energy, eat food with proteins such as eggs and baking flour from whole grain.

Take care of the size of a portion

Breakfast should saturate you. All nutritionists recommend about 350 calories for breakfast.

Never skip the breakfast

Skipping meals is the worst thing you can do when you try to lose weight. This particularly applies to breakfast, if you do not get your breakfast at time, you will fill constant hunger throughout the day.

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