Monthly Archive: March 2014


Simple But Delicious Chicken Quiche!!!

For 3 persons Ingredients: 200 g wheat flour 100 g margarine 1 egg 1 tsp sour cream Salt Stuffing: 3 eggs 400 g chicken fingers 100g grated hard cheese 200 ml sour cream Salt...


Fantastic Crispy Cauliflower for Dinner!!!

Ingredients: 1 fresh cauliflower 2 eggs Salt Flour Oil Preparation: The cauliflower tear into smaller pieces and put them in salted water to boil until it’s soft enough. After being softened cauliflower get it...


Beautiful Crispy Chicken in Beer!!

Crispy chicken in beer Ingredients: 250 grams of chicken breast 1 egg 200 ml of beer Salt 100g flour Oil for cooking Preparation: Chicken breast wash them well, cut into small cubes, salt them...