11 Rules Of Delicious Mediterranean Food!!!

Summer is the ideal time for Mediterranean diet, so if you have decided to start this lifestyle, you must discover the 11 key rules!

These are the main principles of a healthy cuisine in the world:

food-mediterranean1st Daily eat cereals and cereal products.

2nd Daily meal: eat pasta, potatoes or rice.

3rd Least 3 times a week eat legumes – beans, peas, lentils.

4th Seasoned dishes with olive oil.

5th Use tomatoes and tomato sauce much more often.

6th Daily eat bitter fruit and vegetables – broccoli.

7th Several times a week eat blue fish.

8th Consume milk and fermented milk products.

9th Reduce the amount of meat, whether it is a white or red, to 2 times a week.

10th Eat a maximum of three eggs a week.

11th Everyday drink a 2dl red wine.

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