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11 Rules Of Delicious Mediterranean Food!!!

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Summer is the ideal time for Mediterranean diet, so if you have decided to start this lifestyle, you must discover the 11 key rules!

These are the main principles of a healthy cuisine in the world:

food-mediterranean1st Daily eat cereals and cereal products.

2nd Daily meal: eat pasta, potatoes or rice.

3rd Least 3 times a week eat legumes – beans, peas, lentils.

4th Seasoned dishes with olive oil.

5th Use tomatoes and tomato sauce much more often.

6th Daily eat bitter fruit and vegetables – broccoli.

7th Several times a week eat blue fish.

8th Consume milk and fermented milk products.

9th Reduce the amount of meat, whether it is a white or red, to 2 times a week.

10th Eat a maximum of three eggs a week.

11th Everyday drink a 2dl red wine.

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