Тrump & Hillary Мystery Is Solved!!!

What and where a candidate eats, or how they’re seen eating, can be a divisive political gesture: Food can be a way to connect with voters through something that reflects their culture, values, or background.


Donald Trump

The reality star-turned-presidential nominee has shown a preference for food prepared in offbeat ways, like eggs cooked “over-well” and steaks charred way, WAAAY past any chef’s breaking point. 


Trump is a notoriously “yuuuge” fan of McDonald’s.One of Trump’s favorite orders? The Filet-o-Fish sandwich.


2. Overcooked Steak

Trump likes his own steak cooked to a barely edible crisp, his former butler told The New York Times. Yum.


3. Bacon and “Over-Well” Eggs

“I love bacon and eggs,” Trump told People last year. Trump likes the bacon cooked “medium” and the eggs “over-well.”


4.Foods On Sticks

Trump sure looks to be enjoying this pork chop on a stick at the Iowa State Fair.


Hillary Clinton

What does the Democratic Presidential candidate like to eat?


She was a big fan of the Oliveburger


2.Wine Ice Cream

Hillary Clinton Is a Fan of Wine Ice Cream


3.Coffee and Milkshake Runs

Hillary Clinton Makes Coffee and Milkshake Runs



Clinton has also said that lamb is her favorite meat


As for what Hillary likes to cook, she once said, “I’m a lousy cook, but I make pretty good soft scrambled eggs.” And we do know that she’s not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes.


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